SCHOOL CHOICE: School Choice is the civil rights issue of this generation. The one size fits all public school model is not always the best school for a child’s needs. There is a wide array of educational options to choose from, including charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, service providers, and parents need the freedom to determine the best education for their children. The money allocated for the child should follow the individual child, not be given to the school. Choice programs positively impact graduation rates, college enrollment, civic engagement, crime rates, and improve parental and student satisfaction. I trust parents to decide what school is best for their child. CRITICAL RACE THEORY: CRT is teaching kids that the color of their skin they means they’re either privileged or oppressed without any regard for other circumstances in their life. Kids who go through CRT very often come out hating the skin they were born with. That’s not okay and it’s NOT the role our government should be playing. I would support a full ban on this harmful marxist ideology along with a way for parents to report the use of CRT by rogue teachers. We can’t allow this to infect our children’s minds any further. I believe we must make the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. a reality so that our children will NOT be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. FEMALE SPORTS: I will fight to protect womens sports. Biological males have differences that create an unfair playing field such as: more testoterone, muscle mass, bone density, and physical size. This is not a hateful or bigoted statement. It’s common sense and it's biology. SKILLED TRADES: There is a lack of exposure to skilled trades, schools need to provide more students with career technical education. Employers are searching to find skilled workers to fill high paid positions in mechanical, electrical, automotive, carpentry, plumbing. These skills are essential to sustaining the future of America.


Healthcare reform that puts medical decisions in the hands of patients, doctors, and their families and not in the hands of government bureaucrats and/or insurance companies is necessary. People should have the ability to have healthcare based on their needs. There is an average price disparity of almost 300% among similar services. Disclosure and transparency of healthcare will help reduce spending without jeopardizing the quality or access to care. Our hard-earned tax dollars should not benefit those who have not contributed to this country. Providing Illegal immigrants before our homeless veterans, families and individuals who are ill is not acceptable. I will continue to fight for this reform.


We must balance the water levels of Lake Okeechobee, and find innovative solutions to contain the toxic algae in the water. This algae has killed animals, left people scared to swim, decreased tourism, and negatively impacted the economy.​ We must ensure the Everglades are preserved. It is one of the most unique natural resources in the world, it provides habitats for the largest amount of different species in North America, fresh water for millions of Floridians, recreation for all visitors and residents, and it sucks up carbon dioxide from the air better than major rainforests around the world.


Law enforcement is hard work, I will never vote to defund the police. The modern left wants to defund and abolish the police is similar to what has happened during every marxist “revolution”. They pit people against one another, divided by race or creed because that’s what gives their movement power. The question is, will we let them divide us like this? I won’t. The simple truth is that there are a few bad apples in policing just like there are a few bad apples in every job. I like to ask people who criticize all police a simple question: If a few members of any group, race or religion do something bad, is it okay to blame the entire group, race or religion for it? The paradox of their ideology becomes clear very quickly. We can’t punish all police for the actions of a few bad apples. We must treat officers as the individuals they are. In terms of policy, I ask myself “What will make policing safer for both the officer and the people interacting with an officer?” and “What will make our streets safer?” The answer to both questions is the same:

  • More funding
  • More training
  • More community engagement
  • More outside the box thinking.
  • More body cameras
  • More specialized training for sex crimes and human trafficking
Here’s an example of my outside the box thinking: I believe we should have training in high schools where police explain their job to students, explain how a stop works, what an officer is thinking during a stop and then do an exercise where the student plays the officer role and has to decide when someone is a threat. This appreciation for how hard the job is and how a split second can make you see a threat when someone resists will result in better compliance. I will support more funding for body cameras because they create accountability for everyone involved. If there is a bad apple, we’ll find them then. If a perp lies about an interaction with police, we’ll find that out too. More transparency and understanding is always the answer! Bottom line though: We need better training, more specialized funding for critical teams like the Sex Crimes Unit and the officers responsible for overseeing the human trafficking epidemic we have.


Illegal immigration and amnesty are a threat to our Nation’s health and economic security. The current border crisis was a preventable tragedy. Strong borders make strong countries, and Joe Biden has used executive orders to weaken our border and to gain a new voter base. My wife and I are 1st generation Americans. My family escaped political persecution from Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti. My wife's family fled Cuba after fighting with Batista against Castro. We understand the desire and need to achieve the American dream. And many can do so but it must be obtained legally. Securing our borders, enforcing current immigration laws, and repairing the loopholes in current laws will help reduce the number of illegal immigrants who are abusing a system we have in place to assist the law-abiding immigrants.


Every law-abiding American citizen has the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms so they can protect themselves and their loved ones. I, myself exercise the Second Amendment right to be a licensed concealed carrier of a weapon daily. The misunderstanding of legal gun ownership contributing to today’s gun violence has the bureaucrats in Washington infringing on those rights. I am committed to work, educate, and address the issues to prevent gun violence while protecting the rights of the law-abiding American citizens.


We’re not a 9 to 5 world anymore. But too many crucial services still operate as if we were. One of the most important is childcare. Many residents of South Florida work jobs in the retail, service and entertainment industries. They lack consistent and reliable access to quality childcare. We need to incentivize childcare providers to expand their hours so residents working non traditional hours have access to childcare services


We need to restore trust in our elections. With the accelerated growth of technology and the security holes that are constantly arising in all facets of technology, we need to go back to basics. Every election should move to paper ballots that are counted in a timely manner. No more waiting for days to find out who won a race, with questions arising the entire time. Until we have a system that we feel can be entirely protected (likely via blockchain) it’s essential to have a process we all know and trust that can provide built in safeguards via a non-partisan auditing process that everyone has access to.

  • Go back to basics by using paper ballots.
  • Restore trust through transparency.
  • Live, uninterrupted camera feeds of the counting process.
  • Ability for voters to check who they voted for after the fact.
  • Never hide the counting process from the public.
  • Ban corporations and orgs formed by Billionaires from injecting millions into voter initiatives that are targeted toward areas that vote disproportionately for one party or another like Mark Zuckerberg did in 2020 when those initiatives by law are supposed to be non-partisan.
  • Ban ballot harvesting.
  • Audit voter rolls to ensure voters who have moved aren’t voting in two states.
  • Recognize that transparency solves problems while a lack of transparency always causes problems


COVID19 has been hard on families. It has shutdown of our businesses, our schools and our way of life. Lockdowns have not proven to bring down the transmission of COVID yet we destroyed parts of our country by locking them down. We can never let this can never happen again. While small businesses were shut down by force, big corporations and chain stores were packed with shoppers. I want to live in a country where you’re free to make your own decisions, not where the government and a few billionaires decide how you MUST live.

  • I will do everything I can to ensure that the government never shuts down small businesses and schools ever again.
  • Get to the bottom of COVID-19’s origin and why the US Govt, through the National Institute of Health, was funding gain of function research at the Wuhan Virology Lab before COVID-19 began to infect the public in Wuhan.
  • Hold the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization Accountable for lying about human to human transmission in January 2020 when they knew the virus was transmitting human to human over a month before that.
  • I will OPPOSE vaccine passports, requirements and mandates.
  • I will OPPOSE mandated seasonal mask wearing that is now being suggested by the Biden Administration. Wearing a mask must be YOUR CHOICE.


No more senseless war: I know this sounds like common sense to you and me but apparently it isn’t common sense in Washington D.C. yet. I’ll stand with Senator Rand Paul in opposing senseless wars.

  • Defund the UN: This might surprise you but let me explain. The US pays close to 30% of the UN budget. The next closest is China at 15%. In exchange we get trampled on at every turn by the UN as they disrespect our country by naming countries like Iran to the Women’s Rights Counsel or Venezuela and Cuba to the Human Rights Counsel. If the UN won’t get their act together then it has outlived its purpose and we must leave to form a new organization that doesn’t take advantage of us and will give the proper respect to contributions of the United States.
  • Support Israel: Israel faces certain extinction without the support of the United States. Israel has been attacked by Marxists like “The Squad” who would like to empower terrorist groups like HAMAS instead. I oppose this. We must stand strong with Israel to maintain the security of the entire world. If things were to go wrong there it could set off a series of events that threaten our own country. We must not forget that.
  • Strengthen our relationship with India: If we don’t make India our close ally then someone else will. We have shared cultural bonds like the importance of family, faith and hard work. A close bond with India will keep the world safer and keep us out of senseless wars.
  • Stop giving money to corrupt governments: Joe Biden recently gave over $4 BILLION to governments in Central America with provable ties to cartels and provable economic abuses. This waste of our tax payer dollars is inexcusable and it must end. We should be investing in our communities and our infrastructure.
  • Oppose China’s plan to dominate the world: At every step we must oppose China’s plan to dominate the world. We must recognize the threat they pose to our country and act to prevent them from hurting our citizens and the country we love.
  • Over 70% of our pharmaceuticals have some part of them produced in China. This is a national security threat and it must end. We can use existing processes like the DPA to force manufacturers back to the United States
  • China is buying more farmland in America than anyone not named Bill Gates. Meanwhile Americans cannot buy farmland in China. You know why? Strong countries don’t let other countries take control of their food supply. We must ban foreign ownership of our farmland and create a time period that they must sell this land by. This is a national security threat.
  • Demand accountability from international bodies for China’s human rights abuse of the Uighur people. They have over a million Uighurs in concentration camps for no reason other than their religious beliefs. This is not okay. Seeing them loaded into cattle cars you have to wonder what China plans to do next. We must oppose this.
  • If China retaliates in any way, force tariffs onto their most prized exports
  • Vocally support Taiwan who faces the threat of China attempting to take it over like they’ve done in Hong Kong, by force.
  • Demand accountability at every level for how China lied to the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Have you ever watched a Congressional Big Tech hearing only to be frustrated beyond belief when you realize that a LARGE number of our representatives don’t understand the technology they’re supposed to be holding accountable? I have. It was just another motivator to run for office. We need people who understand the algorithms and who understand how Big Tech is abusing our citizens by intruding on their privacy. Trust Busting: I believe that Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are monopolies who have grossly abused their power. Countless small businesses all over our country have been destroyed by Amazon’s monopolistic behavior, all the while Amazon paid no where near what they should have in tax. I will hold them accountable and work to break up these monopolies. I fight for small business. Censorship: Social Media Companies have an outsized role in our politics. Their ability to be judge and jury with no explanation is not in alignment with the spirit of free speech and expression in America. I always tell people to imagine they were on the phone with their friend venting about something in politics and then imagine that a representative from the phone company came on the line all of a sudden to tell you that you can’t say those words on the phone… Then they ban you. We’d all recognize what a horrible overreach this is. We’d all recognize how this violates our rights. There’s a reason phone companies are banned from doing this. We must ban social media giants from being able to behave this way. A wise person once said that the answer to speech you disagree with is better speech. Beat bad speech with better speech in the arena of debate and the best ideas will prevail. I’ll always believe in that. For those who agree with the social media bans we’ve seen in recent years, I ask you how you’d feel if you were next because the new management at a social media company decided they don’t like your opinions? More speech is the answer. Privacy: Big Tech Companies abuse your data on an hourly basis. They extract as much data as they can about you without your knowledge and sell it to the highest bidder. You deserve to have informed consent. Every Big Tech company should have a simple explainer that people have to agree to in order to have their data mined and sold. Not agreeing to having your data sold should NOT be a reason to withhold the ability to use services that should be defined as a public utility.