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Dollar Bills


Small businesses have been shut down while Large multi-billion dollar companies have thrived. The average American 


Nation laws need to be made to stop tyrants from ruining 

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Parents need school choice to determine the best education for their children. It empowers parents to choose from a wide array of educational options, including charter schools, magnet schools, private schools and service providers. Choice programs positively impact graduation rates, college enrollment, civic engagement, crime rates, and improve parental and student satisfaction.

There is a lack of exposure to skilled trades, schools need to provide more students with career technical education. Employers are searching to find skilled workers to fill high paid positions in mechanical, electrical, automotive, carpentry, plumbing. These skills are essential to sustaining the future of America.

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Healthcare reform that puts medical decisions in the hands of patients, doctors, and their families and not in the hands of government bureaucrats and/or insurance companies is necessary.


People should have the ability to have healthcare based on their needs. There is an average price disparity of almost 300% among similar services. Disclosure and transparency of healthcare will help reduce spending without jeopardizing the quality or access to care.


Our hard-earned tax dollars should not benefit those who have not contributed to this country. Providing Illegal immigrants before our homeless veterans, families and individuals who are ill is not acceptable. I will continue to fight for this reform.

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We must balance the water levels of Lake Okeechobee, and find innovative solutions to contain the toxic algae in the water. This algae has killed animals, left people scared to swim, decreased tourism, and negatively impacted the economy.​

We must ensure the Everglades are preserved. It is one of the most unique natural resources in the world, it provides habitats for the largest amount of different species in North America, fresh water for millions of Floridians, recreation for all visitors and residents, and it sucks up carbon dioxide from the air better than major rainforests around the world.

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Illegal immigration and amnesty are a threat to our Nation’s health and economic security.


My wife and I are 1st generation Americans. My family escaped political persecution from Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti. My wife's family fled Cuba after fighting with Batista against Castro. We understand the desire and need to achieve the American dream. And many can do so but it must be obtained legally.

Securing our borders, enforcing current immigration laws, and repairing the loopholes in current laws will help reduce the number of illegal immigrants who are abusing a system we have in place to assist the law-abiding immigrants.

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Every law-abiding American citizen has the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms so they can protect themselves and their loved ones. I, myself exercise the Second Amendment right to be a licensed concealed carrier of a weapon daily.


The misunderstanding of legal gun ownership contributing to today’s gun violence has the bureaucrats in Washington infringing on those rights. I am committed to work, educate, and address the issues to prevent gun violence while protecting the rights of the law-abiding American citizens.

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