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Help WIN Florida's 20th Congressional District

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DeGrammont is a 1st generation American born in Brooklyn NY. His parents migrated from the French Caribbean islands. His mother is from Fort-de-France Martinique, and father is from Port-au-Prince Haiti where his family escaped political persecution from the tyrant Papa Doc Duvalier. 

DeGrammont’s parents lived the American dream. They came with nothing but determination and hope for a better future. With hard work and sometimes working two jobs each just to make ends meet. They became citizens, got married, brought a home, and had a child.

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DeGrammont’s mother was a health care professional who cared for children with disabilities and the elderly. His father worked at Ford Motor Company, building Ranger and F150 Trucks for over 40 years until he retired. Shortly after graduating with a Bachelors Degree from DeSales University in Management of Information Technology. DeGrammont followed in his father's footsteps and also pursued a career at Ford. He started on the assembly line hoping to advance his way through the company, but his career was cut short when the plant shut down, partially due to the new NAFTA deal. After being directly affected by bureaucratic decisions, DeGrammont personally saw the devastating affects that happen to hard working Americans who lose their livelihood.

Shortly thereafter, DeGrammont decided to relocate to Florida and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. This allowed him the opportunity to get to know his community on a personal level, and gain a real perspective of it needs.


While DeGrammont was looking for a home with his wife, he realized the realtors he contacted were not performing to his standards. He became his own solution as a Realtor himself. This provided him with further inside into the community, and gave him an opportunity to help people fulfill their own American dream.

DeGrammont is and has always been a loyal supporter of President Donald J Trump, and is proudly running as a Republican Candidate for Congress in Florida’s 20th Congressional District where he has been a resident for over 10 years. DeGrammont is a problem solver and is looking forward to representing his community and finally putting South Florida First

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